HP 15.6″ Laptop with AMD E-Series Processor $329.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy Logo This seems like a decent deal on a ultraportable laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. It is using AMD’s new E-Series APU – integrated dual-CPU cores running at 1.6GHz & GPU. The GPU is equivalent to Radeon HD 6310 graphics. It is no powerhouse by any means, but it’ll handle most use just fine, and the AMD E-Series provides better graphics performance than most ultraportables while keeping power draw down.

HP Laptop with AMD E-Series Processor, 15.6” Screen Size, 3GB Memory and 320GB Hard Drive, Just $329.99.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DBDLOJ6I4637FRY5KFKVDB4BRM Richy Raymond

    I think in same price of $329 you can buy Acer Aspire duel core 1.86 Ghz laptop which has more processing power than above laptop. I think intel processor is always better for Laptop it will able to keep cool your laptop while AMD processor is not famous in Laptop.

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  • Riya Jhon

    I have just purchased a HP pavilion laptop from
    indiaprice.net, the laptop is working fine and I have not faced any issue, but
    after checking many website I found that there is a huge price difference when
    we compared it with the HP official website http://www.shopping.hp.com, and
    the website where I have purchased the laptop http://indiaprice.net/laptop?laptop_brand=6 , I have checked
    on many HP laptops and found that the manufacturing unit of HP is in China, so
    I think the price should be equal in every country, apart from this if you
    checked the official HP website you will found that there is a configuration
    difference also. I am shocked to see that. I think this is not a fair thing, HP
    should sell their product on equal price with same configuration.

    • http://www.gizmolovers.com/ MegaZone

      It is normal for companies to sell different variations of products in different markets around the world, for any number of reasons. From local market preference, to different regulations, to simply different goals in each market. And price is determined by many factors. Different countries have different import tariffs which can directly impact the price. There are different regulatory requirements and testing for them costs different amounts in different countries, which factors into the local pricing of the product. Taxes are, of course, different – the price on the US site generally doesn’t reflect any taxes, while in other countries sites may be required to collect taxes (especially VAT) and that’s reflected in the price. There are, of course, differences in currency conversions and the local market value of products. It is never a legitimate comparison to just take the price of a product from one country and directly convert it to another currency using the day’s conversion rates. That’s grossly over simplified and doesn’t reflect the true price comparison.

      On top of that, indiaprice.net is a retailer, not an HP direct site, so they also have an influence on the price. It is not uncommon in the US to see the same product for different prices on the manufacturer’s website and 3rd party websites like Amazon, NewEgg, etc.

  • Anonymous

    I then had to drive 35 minutes to Hartsdale, New York to another Best Buy location to pick one up. But it was well worth it!

  • Anonymous

    I then had to drive 35 minutes to Hartsdale, New York to another Best Buy location to pick one up. But it was well worth it!

  • hp coupon code

    With AMD APU fusion technology, you get a CPU and GPU on one die. Combine that with a discrete graphics card like this laptop, and you get dual graphics cards. This increases the power play with DX10 and DX11.