iFanboy, PixelPerfect, popSiren, Scam School, The Digg Reel, XLR8R TV, and Wine Library TV (Kind Of) Join TiVoCast

No surprise, nearly all of the remaining Revision3 shows have landed on TiVoCast, this is a great addition!


iFanboy is all about comic books. Each week, the guys shed new light on the world of comics and graphic novels. Be it finding new comics, going in-depth, or exclusive interviews, iFanboy has something for new and old readers alike.

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Be amazed and learn as master digital artist Bert Monroy takes a stylus and a digital pad and treats it as Monet and Picasso do with oil and canvas. Learn the tips and tricks you need to whip those digital pictures into shape with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

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popSiren, the first variety show of its kind, offers today’s culture-savvy diva her weekly “hip fix”. popSiren offers a feminine perspective on interests ranging from cool Internet tricks, to indie flicks and music, as well as plenty of the tech tips today’s women unknowingly desire-all condensed into a 15-minute episode.

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Scam School:

If Harvard offered a PhD in deceit, this would be it. Award-winning magician Brian Brushwood takes viewers on an inside tour of bar tricks, street cons, and scams. If you watch carefully, you’ll never have to pay for a drink again!

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The Digg Reel:

Every Wednesday the Digg Reel covers the top rated videos from Digg.com, the most popular social news site on the web. That means you’ve got thousands of Digg contributors scouring the web for you. Then join host Andrew Bancroft as he adds the stories and people behind the videos you can’t stop watching.

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Every week XLR8R TV goes behind the scenes with the musicians, artists and scenes covered in the pages of XLR8R.

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Remember way back to yesterday when I said Wine Library TV was listed on the website with a broken link and not showing up on the TiVo at all? Well, they’ve half fixed that. Now it is listed correctly on the TiVoCast web page so you can subscribe there, but it still isn’t showing up on the TiVo. They’ll probably fix that eventually. Again, not to be confused with Wine Library Reserve.

Wine Library TV:

Gary Vaynerchuk, not your typical wine expert, describes what he tastes on the Internet’s most passionate wine program. Gary’s spontaneous, informal approach makes wine both accessible and fun. Explore WLTV and join the legion of viewers changing the wine world.

Subscribe online, but not yet on your TiVo. Eventually it should show up under Find Programs & Downloads -> Download TV, Movies, & Web Video -> Browse Other Videos -> All -> Wine Library TV

One odd thing I noticed, the listings are sorted differently on the TiVo and on the TiVoCast web page. For example, on the TiVo ‘The Digg Reel’ is sorted under ‘T’, but on the web page it is under ‘D’. Similarly The Gourmet Channel is under ‘T’ on the TiVo and ‘G’ on the web. The New York Times is under ‘T’ on TiVo, and ‘N’ on the web. Notice a trend? Same pattern for The Watcher on TiVo and The Weather Channel. Of course, The Totally Rad Show is under ‘T’ on both, but sorted differently – ‘h’ vs. ‘o’. Looks like the website ignores the leading ‘The’ and the TiVo does not.

Here’s something else odd. We known GeekBrief.TV hasn’t been delivering new episodes for TiVoCast for about a month for some reason, but I noticed that while it is correctly listed as GeekBrief.TV on the TiVo, on the web it is hiding as PodShowTV, which is the old name for the site that hosts GBTV, now called Mevio. And there are more oddities. Alaska Podshow, Fit Life, and The Masthead with Marie Claire are all listed on the TiVo, but not the web. They’re all PodShowTV/Mevio programs. I suspect the problem is that the ‘PodShowTV’ entry on the website is supposed to be a sub-list of all of the programs, much the same as The New York Times, instead of just a listing for GeekBrief.TV. Looks like someone broke the website.

So this covers nearly all of the Revision3 shows, just a few left. Best Of… is perhaps redundant, but it could be a nice sampler for people looking to check things out. The GigaOm Show is currently on hiatus, so perhaps that’s why it has not been added, but I’d still like to have it added so I can be sure to subscribe for when it returns. The Revision3 Gazette also seems to be on hiatus, or perhaps dropped. Web Drifter I’m pretty sure has ended, despite still being in the active list on the site. So it looks like the only currently active show not carried by TiVo is ‘Best Of…’.

I’m really happy to see TiVo adding all of this content to TiVoCast, I hope they keep it up.

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  • Rich W.

    I’m happy to see this new content too – but I’m very leary of subscribing to any of them. Too many times I start enjoying a TiVoCast and then they stop being reliable and updating on a regular basis or we get the shows many days or weeks after they are posted to the website. Any word on how reliable these feeds will be? I really miss GeekBrief.TV I still think TiVo should put efforts into getting the system reliable and consistent before adding more and more content to manage.

  • http://www.gizmolovers.com/ MegaZone

    I’ve heard the same kind of comment from others, which is odd since most of my TiVoCast subscriptions (and I subscribe to a lot of them) work fine nearly all of the time. GeekBrief.TV has been the real problem case, but as Stephen Mack commented GBTV/Mevio stopped delivering new episodes for TiVoCast. I don’t subscribe to the other PodShowTV/Mevio programs, but I suspect the same happened there.

    Some delay compared to the web isn’t surprising, as TiVoCast is a different encode for most of these sites and I’m sure it is a lower priority. So they do all of their web-encodes and get them out, then do the MPEG-2 encode for TiVoCast. And if they have any other special deals, like DivX Connected, maybe they put those first. For bigger groups like Revision3 they probably have an encoder farm to handle it, but I know, for example, that Calli on GBTV used to talk about doing their different encodes manually. I have had a few episodes from Next New Networks, here and there, which didn’t play correctly. But that’s almost certainly a bad encode by NNN.

    I think the TiVo-provided infrastructure is reliable, but they rely on the various content producers to supply the content.

  • Rich W.

    Some of the other ones that aren’t 100% reliable like I’d want are CrankyGeeks – they are sometimes several days late instead of the typical 1 day delay, same thing with DL.TV, sometimes it’s a week before I get it and one week the episode never came. Rocketboom is hit or miss as to if it comes daily or not. The vast majority of them might be 100% reliable, I must just have subscriptions to all the ones with problems.