Last Day To Redeem TiVo Rewards Points

A friendly reminder, today is the last day to redeem your TiVo Rewards points. You have until 11:59PM Eastern to redeem your points, after that they’re forfeit. So don’t forget to use them, or you’ll lose them.

And if you have points left and really don’t have anything you want to redeem them for, may I make a humble suggestion? Redeem them and send the items to me. No, not for me, I have plenty of TiVo swag, but I can put together kind of ‘TiVo Gift Packs’ to give away through the site. I already have a couple of the TiVo duffel bags and some random TiVo items, and I used the last dregs of my points for a few random items last night. I should have enough random TiVo stuff for one ‘gift bag’, but could always use more. I’ll use the items for giveaways through the site, maybe at local gatherings, etc. So if you’re just going to let your points expire, you might consider putting them toward the cause.

My shipping info is below if you’re interested.

Mr MegaZone (They require a first name, that’s how I handle it.)
54 Fairhaven Road
Worcester, MA 01606-3116

Shipping phone: 508-852-2171

And no, I’m not worried about posting this information since it is public anyway. My resume is posted in many locations with all of this info on it, anyone could find all this with two seconds in Google. Besides, I never answer that phone. ;-) That’s my land line, I have a machine for that line. But that still doesn’t mean you should call it just to see, thanks.

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