New TiVoShanan Video Promotes Broadband Video Content

TiVoShanan has posted a new video promoting the broadband video content offerings available on TiVo – Amazon Unbox, TiVoCast, TiVo Web Video, and Music Choice. (There’s also One True Media, which she didn’t touch on, and, of course, the upcoming additions of Jaman and YouTube content.)

And TiVoBlog caught this Rhapsody on TiVo ad which was also posted to YouTube:

I personally make daily use of TiVoCast and TiVo Web Video, and occasional use of Amazon Unbox, but I hardly ever use Music Choice and have never used One True Media. And I only used the Rhapsody service during the free trial to check it out, but I wouldn’t use it enough to subscribe. (iTunes at home, iPod when away, Sirius in my car.) How about you? How do you use the broadband services on your TiVo?

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  • Brian Purcell

    My top uses are TiVoCast and TiVo Web Video a lot. I get three to four downloads a day from both. I’ve used Unbox on occasion but it’s not a regular thing. I did have to buy three show episodes from last week because my recently purchased TiVoHD crashed and had to be replaced.

    I also still use Live365 and Podcast download (mostly when I miss NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”), and I once in a while check the Movie Theater listings.

  • Tim

    I know this is completely off topic but, when did TiVoShanan get hot? She was always really, really cute but, dang….smokin’ (Cue theme from the Love Boat). My favorite TiVocast? The Onion, definetly.

  • Chirs

    I’ve only had my TivoHD for a few weeks, but I have already used TivoCast and MusicChoice. We got a rental from Amazon Unbox, but we haven’t had an opportunity to watch it yet (24hours to view may be an obstacle for parents with an infant). Overall, I am a little disappointed by the sluggishness of the interface and long list of services that seem to do very similar things (i.e., it’s confusing). Also, I was expecting to be able to subscribe to a lot more video podcasts (or at least enter a feed).

  • CuriousMark

    I use TiVoCasts and Web video downloads (video podcasts) several times a week. I get some podcasts on iTunes and (after converting one to mp3) publish those to the TiVo. I like being able to pause, FF and RW them which podcaster can’t do. I listen to the podcasts or my music library regularly. Occasionally we download Unbox movies, but not often as I only have 1.5mbps DSL bandwidth and download times run to 12 hours. I use yahoo weather daily, check movie listings when the newspaper is not already in my lap and play Sudoku on the “and more” side of things. I also tried the Rhapsody trial period and liked it a lot, but prefer ownership to subscriptions for music. I have downloaded a couple of dozen music videos and will definitely get more.