Design A Logo Contest Update

I wanted to update everyone on the site logo contest. I received a number of entries over the past week and the designers didn’t make it easy on me. Several of the designs would work well, and a few of them are actually similar in many ways, so picking one winner will be a challenge. I going to pick the finalists and post them to solicit feedback to help select the winner. I’m trying to get that out soon, along with the long-overdue look at TiVo Desktop 2.6. The past couple of weeks have been a bit hectic, I had a couple of days where I wasn’t feeling well which kept me from getting anything done, spent a couple of days doing my taxes, and then I got laid off. I’m getting back on top of things.

About MegaZone

MegaZone is the Editor of Gizmo Lovers and the chief contributor. He's been online since 1989 and active in several generations of 'social media' - mailing lists, USENet groups, web forums, and since 2003, blogging.    MegaZone has a presence on several social platforms: Google+ / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / LiveJournal / Web.    You can also follow Gizmo Lovers on other sites: Blog / Google+ / Facebook / Twitter.
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  • davidwag

    Laid off! Yikes! What do you do (other than this blog)? Is Tivo hiring…?

  • MegaZone

    I’m kind of a geek of all trades. I’ve done network security, web development, and IT work.

    TiVo is hiring, but I tried that several years ago and never got in. They mainly look for developers, and they use platforms I’m not that experienced in so I didn’t make the cut. And now that I’ve been blogging for a while it might be a little awkward working there – and it would very likely mean changes to the blog.

  • davidwag

    Whereabouts do you live (or want to work)? Feel free to email me if you prefer not to say in the comments. dwaghalter at gmail dot com.

  • MegaZone

    David, I live in Worcester, MA. So I’m looking around this area, within a reasonable commute. I’d also consider moving back to the Bay Area of California – I lived & worked out there 95-98 and rather enjoyed it.