Learn Guitar With TiVoCast – And Get More Control Over Super Deluxe

Stephen Mack today announced that TrueFire‘s Guitar Sherpa is joining the TiVoCast lineup. There are five individual channels to choose from – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, TrueFire Concert Hall, and Little Kids Rock. The first three are self-explanatory, Concert Hall gives you performances by some of the world’s top electric and acoustic guitar players, and Little Kids Rock are lessons aimed at children.

As always, you can subscribe online or on your TiVo at TiVo Central -> Find Programs -> Download TV & Movies -> Guitar Sherpa and then select the channel(s) you want to subscribe to.

He also announced a major change to the Super Deluxe TiVoCast. Instead of one ‘Super Deluxe’ TiVoCast, it has now been split into 10 sub-channels – Fark TV, I Am Baby Cakes, The Professor Brothers, Animation Explosion, Celebrity Skewing, Super Deluxe Sings, Nerve’s Position of The Day, What Boys Like, Movie Trailer Park, and Funny ladies. There is also the option of ‘All Super Deluxe Channels’.

So this gives you more control over just which Super Deluxe content you receive, and at the same time expands the lineup of content available via TiVoCast. This bumps Super Deluxe from five new episodes a week to ten. Note that you do not want to subscribe to ‘All Super Deluxe Channels’ and any of the channels, or you’ll get multiple copies of the content. If you formerly subscribed to the single Super Deluxe channel, your subscription has been migrated to the ‘All Super Deluxe Channels’. But your ‘Keep At Most’ limit has been reset to the default ’5′ – so you may want to adjust that if you had changed it before.

And, surprise, you can subscribe online or on your TiVo at TiVo Central -> Find Programs -> Download TV & Movies -> Super Deluxe and then select the channel(s) you want.

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  • http://www.soldiersperspective.us Marcus

    Interesting. I will have to check out these channels. If this one does well, I don’t see why they wouldn’t add other tutorial type channels for everything from cooking to crafts to automotive maintenance. Though, it might be hard to change your oil in the living room.