Buy A Palm PDA And Get A Free… Palm PDA?

Palm is currently running a curious offer, buy a Palm T|X PDA for $299.00 and get a Palm Z22 PDA, a $99.00 value, free. While supplies last only, and only through February 29, 2008. Limit on per customer.

I suppose if you have someone else who can use the Z22 it is a decent deal. But most people don’t need two PDAs for themselves. The T|X is Palm’s high-end PDA. It has a 320×480 65k color screen, 128MB memory, WiFi (802.11b), and Bluetooth. It also takes SD cards for additional storage. If I were in the market for a PDA, I’d probably buy the T|X. (I switched from PDAs to smartphones personally – my last PDA was the Sony Clie NZ-90, which ran Palm OS.)

The Z22 is Palm’s entry level model, the final evolution of what was their ‘Zire’ line. It has a 160×160 color screen, only 32MB memory, and no WiFi or Bluetooth. A pretty basic PDA, but if that’s all you need it is a good one.

Seems like Palm may be dropping the Z22 since their given them away with the T|X and supplies are limited. Could be clearing out remaining stock.

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