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Letter from the Editor

Sadly, there’ll be no pitter-patter of little Hobbit
feet on the red carpet this year, but somebody is going to fly away with
a few golden guys—or thirteen. Lucky you, with your trusty TiVo remote,
have a ringside seat to jazz up Academy Awards® night as you see fit.

Please accept this newsletter as our love letter to all things Oscar®,
including a link to an e-vite
created especially for TiVo types to round the troops (as well as clever
tips on how to party
like a film star
from a very creative TiVo subscriber), a ready-to-print
to get your party guests in a red-carpet mood, and enough TiVo
Scheduling Links to make any Now Playing list pop with plenty o’ Hollywood
hype and hoopla, both before and after the ceremony.

(Chris) Rock & Paper (Envelope, please),

P.S. Ready to vote? Take our quickie
on the biggies and we’ll share what the entertainment elite thought
(that would be us as TiVo subscribers, natch) in the next newsletter.

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The Academy Awards

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color="#ff9900"> TiVo® Tip: Record Oscar®
(and don’t miss a minute!)

size="2">It’s amazing what
an ego or two (not to mention the mere mention of said ego’s parents and
spouses, of whom they "couldn’t have done it without") can do
to a live television broadcast. So despite all the Tinseltown talk about
how this year’s ceremony just won’t pack the usually anticipated punch,
wise men and women will still pad the recording by at least one and a half
hours. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Search by Title and type in "77" (to find "77th
    Academy Awards", then press SELECT
  • With the highlight on “Record this episode”, press RIGHT
    to highlight
    "Options", then press SELECT
  • Change “Stop Recording” to "1 and 1/2 hour longer,"
    then press SELECT twice

Do you have a favorite TiVo tip of your own? Please share
it with us.

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color="#ff9900">Wish for Award-Winning Entertainment
size="2">‘Tis the season for Best Actor/Actress nominees to shamelessly work the
talk show circuit promoting their picture. Add your favorite contenders
as an actor WishList
to catch their best-unscripted dialogue.

Check out more top TiVo® Oscar WishList
Actor, Actress, Director and Picture (Title) and schedule
recordings for past Oscar winners.

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bgcolor="#ffffff"> color="#ff9900">Show It Up
by ABC on February 27, the 77th
Academy Awards
will commence at 5 p.m. (PST) with "Oscar
Countdown 2005
," a half-hour arrivals segment. Watch as Billy Bush
("Access Hollywood"), Jann Carl ("Entertainment Tonight"),
Chris Connelly (ESPN) and Shaun Robinson ("Access Hollywood")
grill the nominees on their last minute frame of mind as they march down
the red carpet. The ceremony starts promptly at 5:30 p.m. (PST).
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bgcolor="#999999"> color="#ff9900">Just So You Know…
Now here’s a new twist to the old game of "come
and get it": While some nominees will get their Oscars the traditional
way—walking to the stage after their name is announced—others
will be gathered on stage while the presenter opens the envelope. Producer
Gil Cates told the annual luncheon of nominees last week that the changes
were a way to reduce the time it takes winners to make their way to the
stage and to get more nominees seen by the worldwide television audience.
He also urged the nominees to keep their acceptance speeches short and focus
on saying something meaningful rather than reading a list of names unfamiliar
to the viewing audience. No word on whether or not he added, "I know
you’ll all disregard my kind request anyway."
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bgcolor="#999999"> color="#ff9900">Big Winners, Small Screen
February 25, Academy Award® nominee Cate
(The Aviator) discusses her craft and artistic achievements
with James Lipton, host of Bravo TV’s original series Inside
the Actor’s Studio

Turner Classic Movies continues its 31 Days of Oscar the week leading up
to the ceremony with a cornucopia of classic Best Picture winners, including
With the Wind
(1939), Ben-Hur
(1959), My
Fair Lady
(1964), Cat
on a Hot Tin Roof
(1958), Casablanca (1942), Dr.
(1963), Guess
Who’s Coming to Dinner
(1967), and Out
of Africa

Search your TV listings for more Best
Picture titles
from Oscar’s past.

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color="#ff9900">Subscriber Savvy: Best Picture, Literally
Matt R. from Washington, D.C. wrote to share how he used the TiVo Digital
Photos feature to add a little pizzazz to his Oscar party, which included
a contest to award the party-goer with the most correct predictions.

Tallying votes from his ballots pre-party, Matt used Photoshop to create
graphics featuring his guests’ best guess in selected categories. Before
the telecast began, and as guests arrived, Matt played them as a slide
show, throwing beautiful black-and-white photographs from Academy Awards
ceremonies past into the mix. "It was a hit!" said Matt.

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bgcolor="#999999"> bgcolor="#ffffff"> color="#ff9900">And the Best Party Goes to…
YOU, since you have a TiVo®
box, of course! If you’re looking to up the ante of the usual ballot party
pool, we’ve got more ideas to help you party
like a film star
, including this insanely adorable award-winning
napkin fold
and a generous host of other glam ideas, sent to us by Best
Creative Party Genuis, TiVo subscriber Steven James. Clearly a professional!
Check out his site.

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The TiVo Top 25 Season Pass™ rankings
are based on anonymous, aggregated data, for the week ending 2/13/05.

1. Desperate

2. The

3. Lost

4. CSI:
Crime Scene Investigation

5. American

See the TiVo Top 25 in its entirety

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