The Gift You Really Wanted — A TiVo Box

TiVo’s post-xmas sales pitch…

Redeem those gift cards for a TiVo box!

Got a gift card from your favorite electronics
retailer this year? Take yourself on a shopping spree and redeem it for
the box you really wanted to open!

Starting as low as $99.99* after mail-in rebate, the TiVo box gives you
all the entertainment you ask for—and at a price you can afford!

Hurry – $100 rebate expires
on 1/31/05.

  • With TiVo WishListâ„¢ searches, you can find shows by title, actor,
    director, even keywords.
  • Only TiVo offers Season Passâ„¢ recordings to automatically find
    and record every episode of your favorite series, no matter when it
    airs. It’ll even skip reruns.
  • And only TiVo offers Online Scheduling so you can schedule recordings
    from any Internet connection, like when you’re bored at the office.

So visit your favorite electronic
retailer today and get the gift
that gives back all year round — a TiVo box!

Terms and conditions apply
TiVo service sold separately, and is not transferable. Sales tax may apply.
While supplies last. TiVo and the TiVo logo are registered trademarks of
TiVo Inc. 2160 Gold Street P.O. Box 2160 Alviso, CA 95002-2160 ©2004
TiVo Inc. All rights reserved. Please feel free to review our Privacy

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  • krellis

    I love the “$100 rebate expires 1/31/05″ – has there been any period in recent months when they haven’t had at least a $50, and more often the $100 rebate offer? It seems to me that they’ve just about always had one or another going for at least the last 6-9 months. Not that I’m complaining… :)

  • axey

    I wish the DirecTV TiVos were also offered by electronics stores. If they were that accessible, I’d get one for my mom.

  • megazone

    They are – Best Buy and others carry DirecTiVos.

  • brakusjs

    … and that their “low price” is ALWAYS with the tagline “after mail-in rebate, terms and conditions apply”. Not to say that some future TiVo people are lazy, but aren’t some of us tired of them advertising their price that you can only get if you do the paperwork to get the rebate?

  • revgeorge

    I’ve seen them at Circuit City, and like said, Best Buy.