The MPAA and NFL are going after TiVo

They don’t want you to have TiVo To Go, or any features that let you make content portable or share content.

TiVo’s plans lead to copyright fight

This really pisses me off. Content providers are trying to stifle innovation.

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  • davef3138

    Personally, I can’t wait until Tivo to Go is released. I’ve got a Series 2 and haven’t figured out how to extract video off it myself…..

  • ehintz

    Content providers are trying to stifle innovation.

    Same as it ever was…


  • ariel817

    The whole IP (Intellectual Property) legal landscape needs to change to reflect the new realities that aren’t going away, and will only get more prevalent.

  • kill9

    Until they epoxy the boxes shut, people will continue to extract video from their TiVos.